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Football Scouting Software with Digital Video Editing and Capturing

Football Playbook Software, Football Stats (Individual and Team), and MORE...

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ESPN and Mark Bliss


The popularity of our game has spread to many places in the world. And Denmark is certainly NOT the exception to the rule! Like many places where the game is just taking root, Coaches at time can face an uphill battle. We here at the Aalborg 89'ers would like to give a big thank you to the folks at MMB Sports for their role in helping to develope our players and the part they have played in bringing a higher level of football to our little country! This is a must have program for coaches at any level of football. Soon after we have had the pleasure of integrating MMB into our meeting rooms we could see immediate results on the field. The ability to now utilize the information (due to MMB's software features) that we have always collected, but struggled to use efficiently, has proved invaluable! In Aalborg, Denmark we consider MMB to be one of our top assistant coaches! Thank you MMB for your support of our program and the direct role your software has had in helping our players and team reach its full potential. We would not be where we are without this program...Bottom Line! Thank you! -- Coach Teagh Gustin, Aalborg 89ers, American Football Club

These Football Scouting Software and other Football Coaching Applications were designed for the Coach in mind! They provide only the BASICS. Nothing to confuse old school coaches like myself -- Coach Michael Barns, MS.

Are you kidding me? I thought the low price was a mistake! What I like most is that Mardy customized the PlayBook with an option I wanted! He even added a report to the Football Scouting Software that no other football scouting software had -- Tim Hathaway.

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football scouting software with digital video editing and capturing to enhance scouting stats and tendency reports

football scouting softwarefootball scouting softwarefootball scouting software football scouting software football scouting software football scouting softwarePay with school voucher, check, money order, and all major credit cards.

OUR FOOTBALL SCOUTING SOFTWARE PACKAGE STARTS AT $65.00. Our competitors average price for a package (Football Scouting Software--break down plays for an Offense or Defense--and a Football Playbook Software--create your plays from scratch and create a playbook to distribute to your coaching staff and players) costs you several HUNDREDS of dollars. MMB Sports' football scouting software prices will continue to keep the majority of our competitors in check by providing a low cost alternative to their high priced football scouting software applications.

Stop paying for upgrades, yearly fees, subscriptions, or renewal licenses! Don't pay extra to install on multiple computers!

With MMB Sports, you pay only ONCE for a LIFETIME usage with FREE upgrades. AND, better yet, our license agreement is a SITE agreement. Meaning, INSTALL our software on MULTIPLE computers.

Finally, football software affordable for the every day coach!

Download your 15 Day Fully Functional evaluation copy of BlisScout--football scouting software and football playbook software...application for tendency statistical football scouting coaching software at all levels.

If you are looking for Football Scouting Software, football video editing scouting software, football stats (team or individual) software, contact management software for recruitment and to keep track of resources, football practice scheduling software, and football playbook software... You came to the right place.

PROFESSIONAL football teams are using our football scouting software packages! From little league, high school, college, and now "PROFESSIONAL" football teams, all levels of football coaches agree that our football scouting software packages are one of the better football coaching software on the market today! This is based on the fact that our football scouting packages are designed to be BASIC in nature. NO FLUFF!. Recommended by coaches for coaches!
With the exception of Park Enterprises and a couple of others, our football scouting software cost 50% less than our competitor's. To top it off, with MMB Sports you receive FREE upgrades and FREE technical support with your purchase of our football scouting software, BlisScout and others. AND, you are not required to purchase additional licenses if you want to install our football scouting software on multiple computers at the same location! Our football scouting software, BlisScout and others, license agreement is a SITE license, not per seat. DO NOT PAY FOR UPGRADES!!
TOP COMPETITOR WHO WE RECOMMEND...Because we care about our Coaches, we are not shy in sharing with you other football scouting software. Try (PARK ENTERPRISES). Park Enterprises also provides other scouting software for other sports like baseball and so on--They also provide the software on multiple Operating System platforms like MAC. Park Enterprises is the only software company we recommend because they are an honest company...just like MMB Sports. Just tell him Mardy sent you.
WHO WE DON'T RECOMMEND...There are a host of other football scouting software companies you can review by doing a "google" on Football Scouting Software. What you should look out for are those football scouting software companies that over price their football scouting software, football playbook software, and other football software. In addition, look close at the fine print regarding additional charges for upgrades and/or fees (i.e., yearly fees!!)
This football scouting software and football playbook software - application with Digital Video Editing allows you to scout your opponent, so that you can get to know your opponent better than they even know themselves and create and edit specialized plays that will make your team a WINNING team! MMB Sports Enterprises is dedicated in helping coaches and players succeed and excel in today's World of Sports--through football scouting software packages, football coaching software, and additional coaching aids. We provide one of the best football scouting software money can buy--BlisScout. We encourage you to review our competitors, and you will agree with other coaches. This football scouting software and football playbook software with digital video editing were developed for coaches and athletic directors wanting to improve their football program. Read what others are saying about this football scouting software's performance.
BlisScout-O (football scouting software) is credited in helping Coach Mark Bliss (Co-Owner of MMB Sports) prepare his team to win five (5) State Championships in the last seven (7) seasons--winners of four (4) straight Championship trophies. Coach Bliss, and his teams have won 55 straight games. Game preparation was made easy by using this football scouting software.

With BlisScout-O and BlisScout-D (football scouting software) you can help your staff and players reach their goals. In Short, this football scouting software is designed to assist coaches--at all levels--in obtaining the best results possible for their players and staff. Premier coaching software for premier coaches!

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